Drapery Project

drapery project

Drapery Project 2014

Whole world acclimatized South Korea with technology, gadgets and mechanical life. It was true even for me; I used to carry Samsung in my pocket. Back in Nepal I was searching for inner joy trying to forget and forgive the past. In every situation though good or bad Art never left me aside it became my most faithful friend. Journey of life is all about process and art is process of living, sharing happiness and bliss. Art is all about mind and human instinct, if there are no human beings art doesn’t exit. My whole process of creativity lies in these norms

I wanted to do interactive community art project in Changdong Artist Studio, beautifully and professionally stood up venue for international artists community, well disciplined and well organized. I was simply thinking of connecting different emotional states. Drapery Project could really fulfill my sensitivity. I thought of collecting used clothes from the people around. Metaphorical aspect of used clothes has beautiful connection with personal history and emotional milieu.
To bring community into art, I started going to community with my good friend Sujan Chitrakar in Seoul. Meeting friends, going to artist’s space, universities and exchanging ideas intensified my sensitivity. Poster in Hangul, translated by Yumi and Heejung, enhanced a lot to gather helping hands from community. It was more of collaborative senses to touch lives with different possibilities. Clothes are the most touched things in life and yes, the second skin. It has a value of security, comfort, beauty and serenity. My work was to stitch clothes together and to create a large piece of tapestry to connect ceiling and floor together, connecting cosmic space to soul, sky to earth, and life to lives. I tried to connect them together with thin thread. Human life is also connected with thin layer of mutual respect, love, laughter and positivity.

Drapery project defines emotional judgment of love, hate, happiness and sadness. It is a freedom of being unified. It is the mystery of Life, where you meet strangers and fall for eternity. Moreover again it was the spiritual journey.  Cave with blue light and cushion on the floor where I wanted people to sit and find personal space to each individual. It was more about being grateful to what I had, what I got and what I felt. I received so much of humbleness that itself became a metaphor.

Open studio on 28th May 2014, interactivity was my work. Letting visitors draw on the smiling mask hanged on the wall, letting put down some words as a comment for me and was about creating an interactive space. Bringing back to nature I again dismantled all the pieces of clothes separately. These clothes were again ready to send back to different people. My work started in process and ended up in process. Entire process of interactivity itself was an art for me; it was joy of living and celebration of existence.

I was really touched with the appreciation shown by my little friend Kim Seunghwan neighborhood of Chandong Artist Studio and intern Se-yeong for making us feel like home there.  My perception of South Korea’s perfunctory life reduced to rubble. We all speak same language and breathe same air everywhere we go. If there’s sadness there tears in eyes, if there’s happiness there smiles on the lips. I really got so fascinated with the city which really filled with beautiful hearts. May be it was due to the positive energy we all share together.

Manish Lal Shrestha 2014