I know to love life, I know to live life…

I know to love life, I know to live life...

Title:                           I know to love life, I know to live life, I know to love life…
Medium:                    Cotton Clothes, thread
Size:                            4ft X 26m
Execution Year:          2004 and digitally reloaded version in 2008


I always determine to create public art project. It should be interactive and at same time it should create a huge impact conceptually and physically. We always think of art to be placed within architectural space, why not art blends with the architecture in a large scale.
The different coloured clothes stitched together to form a huge united tapestry on the public space in Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Nepal. It was a collaborative and interactive art piece where hundreds of visitors, art lovers and artists came to help on the ongoing process of making art. I also believe in the process of creation which is so important in this post-modern culture. I layered the work on the staircase of the temple which forms a path towards almighty spirit where temples and whole space got included into this art piece.
The clothes that touch life are our second skin. Therefore, I have used these fabrics to create an interactive art piece. Concept behind it was to celebrate life together and to create huge public attention in art.
Manish lal Shrestha 2004